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The Masked Retriever

The Patron Dog of Webcomics

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24 hour comics day, 3d printing, alan moore, altoids, arduino, arrogant bastard ale, art, atemporality, autobots, avr, baking, band theory of solids, bisexuality, blender, blender3d, chaos, chocolate, comics, copybooks, coyote, cubi, cybernetics, cyborgs, dark comedy, deviant art, digital convergence, diy, dmfa, doctor horrible, doktor sleepless, doorslamming farce, duct tape, engineering, firefly, freakonomics, free culture, garrison keillor, general rain, gorillaz, guerrilla comics, guns germs and steel, gurps, gwen steffani, indie comix, infinite canvas, inkscape, karl popper, legos, livewire, maker movement, makerbot, making comics, metroid, microcontrollers, moulin rouge, muscle wire, my little ponies, my little pony, mythology, new belgium brewery, nietzsche, nintendo, nixiepunk, oolong tea, open source, open source hardware, orenco station, pansy division, participatory art, participatory science, pink floyd, political philosophy, portland, portland light rail, prarie home companion, prometheanism, prometheus, radial expansion, radiolab, reprap, risus, robotics, satre, science, scott mccloud, secret identities, semiconductors, sequential art, sinead o'connor, skunks, smallville, space travel, sparkfun, stan lee, star control 2, steampunk, storytelling, susie bright, tabletop gaming, tea, technium, technology, templar az, the cyborg manifesto, the decemberists, the singularity is near, the technium, the tick, they might be giants, thingiverse, transhumanism, transmetropolitan, umlaut house, v for vendetta, voice acting, wacom, warren ellis, watchmen, webcomics, writing